Collection YO & ME - Bigelli Marmi


Hans Thyge Raunkjaer

Collection YO & ME

The bathroom is a very sensitive place. It is a room where we walk around with very little dress or naked. Our bare feet feel the material on the floor we sense the moisture in the air and we look at ourselves in the mirror. Mostly do we only listen to the water - we are standing in the shower with the water splashing on our head and feet.
Yo & Me is about feeling the soft water and walking on the hard rock. It is about the feeling of a room sculptured out of one big block of stone and on the edge of the mountain is sitting a row of lightning trees like an alley of trees on a tuscan road. The floor is striped as an old wooden floor and the shower is a simple tube behind a wall. It’s a story about the stone. About the stone that tells our story over time. That makes us feel the mass of the earth. That carved becomes soft and gentle like a piece of wood. I think, I remember.

Technical specifications

In the pictures:
Bench in Oregon Pine
Floor and Shower box
Shower box in Silvia Oro honed with sandblasted bands dim


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